Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moi Chocolat 51 - February'12

 2 chocos in box ordered by Puan Zabedah from Sri Damansara

 2 orchids ordered by Dayah from Sekinchan

New products prepared for shooting with RASA-June'12 edition
 Layer cake in bottle
 Nougat in bowl
 Choc Fudge with black & silver theme
 Apam comel as Ladybird & strawberry 
 Cheese tart or sunflower??

Products at RTM
 A choco in box
 Lolly malow with henna design
 Walnut & almond choc fudge
 Assorted mallow lolly
 Fruity lolly - Dried kiwi & dried apricot
Creespy (Crispy+creepy) Choc