Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moi Chocolat 44 - July Collection

Bouquet of chocos ordered by Sya for her husband's birthday...

Apple and dried kiwi packed for Lava Kids programme
Dipped mallow for kids on Dr Serina's sister reception
Pair of orchid & pair of henna design choc for Dr Serina's sister

4 chocos in a box ordered by Dr Serina from Brunei for her sister's wedding

700 dipped apples ordered by Kak Fauziah for her daughter's reception
650boxes 6chocos in a box ordered by Datin Rusila for her son's reception

6 orchirds with 3 flavors choc in a box

Runny choc on apple prepared for Wedding Exhition in PICC on 8-10 July as a doorgift

Apple prepared to suit with Snow White theme

Moi Chocolat 43 - Fruits Collection

Flower on Kiwi

Apricot lolly

Moi Chocolat proudly presents Mr Baju Melayu & Miss Kebaya
Miss Lai Kebaya
Mr Apple Baju Melayu

Two tones apple

Henna design on orange

Name & Henna design on orange

Name on the orange top

Name in 'jawi' on orange

Kedondong dipped with choc.. Awesome taste!

Dipped tangerine


Dipped grapes

Dipped grapes

Dipped strawberry

Moi Chocolat in RASA - June'11 Edition

Cover of the RASA - June'11 Edition

First page of Moi Chocolat's product in Section D.I.Y
'Bunga Cinta'

'Bingkisan Hati'

'Sangkar Emas'

'Manisnya Kasih'
Picture 1 of 2

'Manisnya Kasih"
Picture 2 of 2

'Satu Jiwa'
Picture 1 of 2

'Satu Jiwa'
Picture 2 of 2

Thanks Cik Nani & RASA for your support to Moi Chocolat

Moi Chocolat 42 - May Collection

Chocoreo prepared for National Blood Centre 'Malam Jururawat'
Assorted chocos in a box ordered by Shasha for her husband's birthday

Assorted chocos in a flowers box and chocolate bouquet ordered by Kak Laily for her daughter's graduation

Assorted chocos and edible choco box ordered by Kak Laily. Congrats Aja for your graduation

Choco bar ordered by Kak Laily for her college reunion

Red & gold theme

Silever & purple theme

Assorted chocos in a box ordered by Kak Laily for her mum in-law birthday

Happy 68th birthday to Kak Laily mum in-law.
Thank you very much, Kak Laily for your support and trust with my creativity

6chocos in PVC box ordered by Aishah for her engagement