Monday, April 12, 2010

Moi Chocolat 21 - It's a lolly day

Lolly day = lovely + holly day + holiday
Is this a right equation?? Doesn't matter either it's right or wrong.. Proudly present my lolly collection to take part on your sweet and lovely day..

Moi Chocolat 20 - Big love from a big heart

Big heart.. big love... maybe this 1.5kg big love collection looks good and catch your eyes to have it on your special big day.. let's welcome this big love to your memorable day..

Moi Chocolat 19 - Now everyone can have an aircraft

I can't say 'Now everyone can fly'.. bcoz that's belongs to Air Asia... so, i need to say, 'Now everyone can have an aircraft'...
Low budget aircrafts with no air-crews provided are ready to take-off to your events/ party... (^_^)