Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moi Chocolat 18 - Moi Chocolat goes international

Moi Chocolat goes International?? Is it true?? Vraiment?? If u recognize this guy, u will accept my statement... Proudly introduced to you Lord Ahmed of Rotherham a.k.a Baron Ahmed who is the first muslim life peer in United Kingdom..
If he loves my chocolate and inspired me to expand my business, what make u to not to choose my chocolate?? Thanks Lord Ahmed for your kindness..

Those boxes were prepared for my friend from Shiraz, Iran to have it with his family.. which at the same time, tested by Lord Ahmed too..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moi Chocolat 17 - F1 Sale (Further reduction)

If you love Y.E.S (year end sale), my F.E.S... I wish my F1S (Formula One Sale) on boxes will be loved by you too... (^_^)
F1S (24 - 27 March 2010)
Further reduction until 4 April 2010
Regret or no regret!!! (",)
Choco bar pack - RM 2.00 ...now RM1.30
5 choco pack - RM 2.00 ...now RM1.30
4 cav. pvc box - RM 1.50 ...now RM1.00
6 cav. pvc box - RM 2.00 ...now RM1.50
9 cav. gold paper box - RM 2.50 ...now RM1.00
PVC love box - RM 1.20 ...now RM0.80
p/s: my rack need a space for just-arrived-items.
Hurry or sorry