Monday, December 5, 2011

Moi Chocolat 49 - Dec'11 Collection

Assorted lollies IMS love NSS ordered by Ismail for his engagement
Silver & gold theme dipped apple ordered by Kak Ina

Milk dip-White henna-SAIFUL SHANI on milk

Moi Chocolat 48 - Nov'11 Collection

Henna lollies a.k.a stalk of flower
Lollies or flowers?

Hot & sexy henna lollies ordered by Kamal

Rich choco eggs ordered by Intan

4chocos in box, choco sms 'RIZAL INTAN' and chokies ordered by Rizal as a hantaran for Intan

Moi Chocolat 47 - Oct'11 Collection

Assorted chocos as a hantaran from Zaher to Aishah
Assorted 2 chocos ordered by Zaher

Assorted choco bar for Aishah

White dip & pink henna apple for Azila

2 tones box (lilac for cover & dark purple for bottom) with peach ribbon for Azimah's reception

Purple & peach theme for Azimah

Que to b at Ayra's birthday

What u will have in Ayra's goodie bag

Chocos for Ayra's goodie bag

Handmade gift tag for Ayra's birthday

~Thanks Yana to have my touch in Ayra 1st birthday~