Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moi Chocolat 6 - Petit Love, Flower Coin & Nepolitan

Petit Love - RM 0.10/ piece - suitable to have 5 nos. in one paper cup or can arrage to suit your event/ occasion or can pack as per ur need...

Flower Coin - RM 1.00/ 2 pieces - thin wafer inside dark or milk chocolate and wrapped with aluminium foil

Nepolitan - RM 1.00/ piece - mini chipsmore covered with 3 layer of chocolates

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moi Chocolat 5 - Chocolate class

My first student and I... if we can make a chocolate... what make you think you can't??

Moi Chocolat 4 - Packaging

Some sample for packaging...

Moi Chocolat 3 - Black & White Collection

Black and white collection...

Moi Chocolat 2 - Let's play with colors

This is a first trial playing with colors... what a bad product... Don't worry, now i won't make this kind of colouring anymore.. what a shame.... (^_^)

Moi Chocolat

Je suis Waris Muda... I am a new-comer in chocolate making world.. Why i like this chocolate world?? It's 'a lot of fun world'... Disagree with me?? Try it.. Here some proofs of that... Bon appetit!!!