Friday, February 26, 2010

Moi Chocolat 16 - F.E.S

If you love Y.E.S (year end sale)... I wish my F.E.S (February End Sale) on moulds and boxes will be loved by you too... (^_^)
F.E.S (26 - 28 Feb 2010)
Regret or no regret!!! (",)
p/s: my rack need a space for new items that will be on board soon.
Merci beaucoup (thank you very much) for your support on my F.E.S...
InsyaAllah there will be more sales in the future.. Keep checking my blog regularly, ok...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moi Chocolat 15 - Garden of Orchids

Are you tired of having a same patern of chocolate?? Roses are too common to your eyes?? Looking for something exclusive?? Proudly introduce a blooming orchids in my garden ready to be in your occassion/event soon..

Box of 12nos. of Orchid (sample above ordered by customer for her favourite artis)

Box of 24nos. of Orchid

Royal Orchids

Classic Orchids
Vivacious Orchids

Let those orchids shimmering your memorable day

Moi Chocolat 14 - Black Forest, Nutty Nut & Caramel Truffle

Black Forest - RM 0.70/no.

Nutty Nut - RM 0.70/ no.
Caramel Truffle - RM 0.80/no.

Bonjour Monsieur Black Forest, Madame Nutty Nut & Mademoiselle Caramel Truffle..

Monday, February 8, 2010

Moi Chocolat 13 - Festival, Occassion & Event

Thank you, Mas

Hepi Besday Farisha N Firas

Packaging for Chinese New Year Celebration

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moi Chocolate 12 - My students' touch on 6 Feb

Emmm... what a creative fren i have!!! it's worth it, rite?? with a lower fee, a long time spending in learning, free in throwing the idea to have fun with chocolate and a huge number of chocolates to bring back.. so, come and be a part of us...

Moi Chocolate 11 - Brother Bear

These bears exist due to the request by my boss... not bad to have them in the house especially during your little prince or princess birthday... what are you waiting for, get them at RM1.00 per teddy..

Moi Chocolat 10 - Anniversary, Wedding & Engagement Collection

Shy to express your love?? Let me help you with my 'i love u' collection... you can request to have other words on your chocolate... 'je'taime'.. 'wo ai ne'.. 'be mine'.. if u wanna make a different, i think my arabic caligraphy can help u.. not to forget my hiragana (japanese alphabet)
This gold theme set prepared for engangement

Both set of Black & white series ordered for wedding ceremony...

Anniversary gift from a wife to her beloved husband.. Bless their marriage..

Gift for my colleague for her wedding... May Allah bless her marriage...

This set ordered by a good fren to her fren's wedding...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moi Chocolat 9 - Image Chocolate

Taaaaaaaaadaaaaa.. this is a new member of my chocolate collection...
A few patterns ready to b introduced soon...

Moi Chocolat 8 - Packaging 2

Another collection for packaging...

Moi Chocolat 7 - My students' touch on 1 Feb

What's in your mind when u glance thru these chocolates? What a creative students i have... Wait no more to join us...