Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moi Chocolat 28 - Wedding's Collection during Exhibition

Did u notice that 'Moi Chocolat' is one of the sponsor??

Chocolate's tree
Chocos in apple and variety of cages
Choco in paper

Bouquet of choc
Clockwise: Apple 1/2 dipped wrapped with glass paper, triple volcano, bouquet of choc, mini love in varies packaging and chocoreo in box
Clockwise: Choc in clam, chocoreo with dolly and 2nos & 4nos choc inside dream box
Basket of chocos
Wedding Collection during Exhibition
Rectangular Choco Box (with 15chocs inside the chocobox)
Love Choco Box (with 6nos inside the chocobox) & 12 choc surround the love box
Final product packaging
Chocos inside clam
Mini love
Another packing of Mini Love
Single volcano in cage
Triple volcanos
Apple & Strawberry in varies packaging... (wrapped with glass paper, inside hemi-sphere container n inside rectangular box)
Product of the event (most popular)
Another packaging for apple
Another packaging for strawberry